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The proposed Margin Tax Initiative would impose a major new tax increase on Nevada businesses and give Nevada one of the highest tax burdens for businesses in the country.

Under the proposed initiative, every business with total GROSS revenues exceeding $1 million per year - regardless of whether any of that revenue is actual profit - would be subject to a new 2% tax on these gross revenues.

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Read the Margin Tax Initiative Impacts Study by leading  Nevada economic expert Jeremy Aguero of Applied Analysis

A growing citizens’ committee of Nevada businesses, individuals and groups urges you to look into the facts about the Margin Tax Initiative, a complex tax increase proposal that will appear on Nevada’s 2014 statewide general election ballot.

This proposed initiative would impose a huge new tax on both Nevada’s major
employers and on thousands of small business owners throughout Nevada.

It’s so poorly written that it would force many small businesses that are losing money to pay higher taxes, and it does nothing to guarantee that the Margin Tax revenues would actually be used to improve Nevada’s educational system. As a result, the Margin Tax Initiative would cause our state to lose many existing businesses and jobs, and make it harder to attract new ones – without ensuring better schools for our children.

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